Hii everybodyyyy! I am back with another review for you guysss. Some of you may remember I did a review on the Loreal Detox Clay Mask (if you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out!) I LOVED it so muchh I thought I would give the Glow one a try!


It claims to brighten and exfloiate your skin and I kid you not, it is absolutely AMAZING at doing just that! You just leave it on for 5_10 minutes and it works like absolute magic – it’s improved my skin sooo much.


 I have used so much of it already (it lasts ages tho) but as you can hopefully tell from the pic, it has little exfoliating bits/beads (i dont know what to call it) so it does have quite a rough texture when you put it onto your skin however it works SO well and gives you an INSTANT glow!!

You can purchase this from Boots or Superdrug for £6! It’s honestly worth sooo much more than the money you pay and I promise you, you will LOVE it!!

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My favourite youtube at home workouts!

Hey girlies! I hope you are all doing well! I thought I’d share with you guys my daily workout routine which I must say has been effective!

As you can tell I absolutely love Lucy’s workouts! I particularly love these three as they are so easy yet so effective to do! Also, due to the easiness of the workout, I have so much fun doing them. Even though, the timing is short, it still does the job which is amazing for anyone with a busy lifestyle! Anyways, I think she’s the only fitness youtuber that actually smiles while she’s working out which is so damn motivating! 

I’m not going to lie to you guys, but this workout is very challenging! However, extremely effective! Every time I finish doing this workout, I feel so much more confident about my height and it also actually really works! 

Don’t be deceived by the dance title, as this workout is probably the most effective and rewarding workout dance out there. It is highly enjoyable and also, you can really feel your muscles working! 

I think that it is imperative that while working out you also have fun as this will keep you motivated to workout reguarly hence why, I choose these youtube videos as my daily workout routine.

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

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Mini Collective Haul | Nike, JD, New Look, H&M

Hi guysss! I feel like I have not done a haul in a little while, but I have bought a few things lately and thought I’d upload a little collective haul (as you can tell from the title.)

So let’s begin..

The first thing I boought are the famous nike air max 90’s in black. I LOVE these trainers and they’re honestly such a staple. I feel like I can wear them with literally anything! (I saved money by getting them in the Junior section at JD for £65 – Who else does this 😉 ???)


The next thing I bought were these blue high waisted ankle jeans from H&M. I’ve actually NEVER bought jeans from H&M but I am surprised at how GOOD they fit me! I’m definitely going to be buying a few more pairs from there in the future! I can’t remember how much they cost but I think they were around £25 which is really good for jeans!JEAjeannjeaa

The final thing I brought was a cropped grey hoodie from new look. I really LOVE cropped jumpers/sweaters so I just could not resist when I saw that it was on SALE for £7 – absolute bargainnn!


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Modest outfit inspo (one brand:BOOHOO)

Hey girlies, hope you are all doing well! I thought I’d put together a modest outfit post using one brand as I myself wear an hijab and abaya on a daily basis and struggle to put together a modest outfit.







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Hey guys! I went into Primark the other day to pick up a few things I needed and I have got to say, Primark are deffo getting better and better! They had so many nice things, I was shocked, as it’s quite rare I find things I like in Primark.  Sooo let’s just get into the haul..

The first thing I picked up was this STUNNING choker:


I for one do not wear chokers, but when I saw this I just could NOT resist! It has little diamonds and it’s so glam and shiny, how could i say no for only £2.50?! It looks as though it cost WAYYY more! And unlike most chokers, it does not fit tight on your neck, it drops down a little on your neck, so it looks super classy! I LOVE it so much, I received so many compliments on it when I first wore it and everyone was shocked it was from primark haha. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop wear it!
The next thing I picked up is this twin pack of dainty bracelets:


So as you guys can see, there’s an evil eye bracelet and a hamsa hand one. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on some and when I saw these in primark for £2 I was like YESSSSSS! I love them so much, they’re super cute but they are quite big which is unfortunate, however I’ve managed to make them smaller 😀
The next thing I bought was this beautiful pink matte nail varnish:


I always buy nail varnishes from primark because they’re super cheap and look so goood, they don’t take AGES to dry either and I LOVE that the applicator is a little thicker and covers more of the nail, which speeds up the applying process. 
The next things I bought were these plain vest tops because I just really needed a plain black and white cami top to wear under super see through blouses!
These cost me £1.80 each and they literally have them in every single colour in primark!
I also brought this high neck long sleeved top:


I am aware it looks grey in the pic, but in real life it is actually more of a teal colour. This was half price and cost me £2 so I was like why notttt?!
The FINAL thing I brought was this super pretty pink sheer bralette that I have seen ALL OVER instagram:



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L’ORÈAL Paris Pure Clay Glow Scrub Review

Hey guys, today’s blogpost will be on this clay scrub.

This pure clay glow scrub contains 3 pure clays and red algae and is said to exfoliate impurities, and dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother and brighter. 

So, I’ve seen a lot of reviews on YouTube and blogposts on this product in which all were very positive. Bearing this in mind and the fact that I’m always on the hunt for a product that will make my face glow due to me not wearing make up on a daily basis, I popped into Superdrug and brought myself one to see what all the hype was about. 

Can I just say it was the best day of my life buying this product (okay maybe too much of an exaggeration but if you read on you’ll find out why!) First and foremost, would you look at the mint green packaging, it’s such a stunning colour and makes the product look expensive and luxurious. When holding the product, you can tell there is a hella lot of product in there due to its weight which is amazing as it means that us consumers are getting our money’s worth. Anyways, I tried this product on the first day I purchased it. I first wetted my face with warm water and then squeezed out the product onto my hand and applied the product to my face. I realised that a little goes a long way however, I’m a greedy guts so I like going overboard and putting a lot on my face haha! Anyways, it was so soothing to put on and the microbeads were very gentle on my sensitive skin. The smell had me feeling like I was in some luxurious pampering session haha! Also, I looked like a plum with all that stunning terracotta coloured product all over my face haha! It’s a much thicker substance than usual scrubs due to the clay so its more like a mask however do not be deceived, it is very comfortable on the skin and very easy to wash off. While scrubbing my face, I could really feel the scrub working right into my skin so I had high hopes! Anyways, cause I’m impatient I didn’t manage to wash my face properly so I stained a bit of the towel while dabbing my face. After doing so, boy was I shocked while looking into the mirror, I felt like a different person, my skin looked flawless if I say so myself (I don’t say that very often!) My skin felt as smooth as a baby’s bottom and was instantly brighter and glowy. I was genuinely lost for words, I have never seen something work so fast and so well! However, I realised that the glow wears off after a few hours of applying however, I found that applying a face cream after maintains the glow for a few hours more. I have been using this product everyday for a week now and can honestly say my skin is so much more brighter and that’s saying something considering I used to have very dull looking skin but not anymore! Also, as you guys know I have dry skin and this product has improved my skin by making it look and feel dewy even more so everyday. I will definitely continue using this product as it has improved my skin immensely and I quite frankly cannot live without it, my skin is improving more and more each day due to this holy grail product! You can honestly see such major results after the first use and even more so after regular use, it’s amazing, I love it, thank you L’Oréal, you’ve changed my skin for the better!

This scrub is on offer at Superdrug for only £3.99, I repeat £3.99, how cheap for such a life changing product!

I highly highly highly recommend this product, it’s the best skin care product I have ever used!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, comment below your thoughts on this scrub if you have tried it! Until next time, cheerio! ❤ 

Mini Primark Haul + Review

Hey guys! Hope you are all well! So I popped into Primark a  few days ago and picked up a few items and so I thought I’d share with you girlies what I brought. 

So I’ve seen many youtubers hyping about this foundation so I thought I’d pick one up for myself. Unfortunately, there are not that many shades, so I struggled finding the perfect shade for me however, I got lucky and did. I tried this foundation as soon as I got home and I have to say I was impressed! I applied the foundation on my face with a damp beauty blender. It was easily blendable which is great as it saves me so much time! Also, the foundation did provide good coverage however, if you have a lot of imperfections on your face then you’ll need to put a second layer on as it is a medium coverage foundation. This foundation is perfect for everyday, with just a slight dewyness and smells amazing! Also,  it is very moisturising on the skin which is great for someone who has dry skin like me. Unfortunately, it’s not so easily blendable with fingers as with using your own fingers to blend, the foundation feels thick. However, that being said I would highly recommend this foundation, it has become my favourite affordable foundation and with it being £2.50 ( probably the most cheapest foundation on the planet) you can’t go wrong!

Now I’m always loosing my rings! So I thought I’d look for some cheap rings in Primark and yet again Primark has still not failed me when it comes to cheap gorgeous accessories haha! These are a bargain and look stunning and totally completes an outfit, I literally have been wearing them everyday since I brought them haha!

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