Maniere De Voir – Clothing Haul/First Impressions

Hi guyss, hope you are all doing well. I am back yet again with ANOTHER haul (I need help!) My excuse for this haul is.. I had to buy it so I could try it for you guys! 

I have honestly not heard too much about the brand maniere de voir, but I somehow seemed to stumble on their page and fell IN LOVEEE with their clothing! (everything happens for a reason right?)

Before I even start with the haul – let’s discuss delivery! Their site states they aim to deliver within 2-3 working days, BUT my parcel took a week to arrive. This is most likely because of how hectic things are around xmas time but customer service was great with informing me about the status of my parcel so I’m not too fussed! 🙂

Let’s starttt..


First thing I ordered were these STUNNING suede ‘leggings’ but OHMYGOD you guyss, these are the MOST warmest/comfiest pair of pants I own hands down! They have a lace up bit on either side so you can really tighten it to accentuate your curves and these also have a zipper at the back where your bum is, which is a bit tricky to do up (you’ve been warned). I’ve received sooo many compliments on these & really need to buy a “back-up” pair. These cost £35.99 but I promise you they are worthh it! (Note – I am a size 8 and these fit true to size!)

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The next thing I purchased were the EXACT same leggings in this beautiful nude/taupe colour.


To buy these CLICK ON ME!

The final thing I purchased was this cosy oversized hoodie/dress:


I am OBSESSED with oversized hooded dresses for the winter time because they keep you soo warm and they’re so easy to style/throw on but it still adds so much to your putfit! I particularly love the embroided roses on the sleeves and the message “more self love”<3. I purchased this in a size M because I wanted it quite oversized. This also cost £35.99. I know it may not be the cheapestt BUT boxing day is coming up so I’d deffo keep an eye out on the site!


That is unfortunately all 😦 Let me know below what you guyss think of the pieces I picked up and as boxing day is soon approaching, I’d keep my eye out on the site to see what they have because honestly their clothing pieces are STUNNING!

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Recent Purchases (Accessories)

Hi girlies! Hope you’re all well! Now, don’t we all love a good sale, I know I do! I had to dive right in with black friday haha! I thought I’d share with you lovely lot what I brought. 
So the first thing I brought was a black bag:

Zara- City Bag with Zips- £30.00

I’m always in need of a black bag as I’m just constantly battling to keep them in good condition haha. Anyways, I came across this one and fell in love with it. It looks so simple yet classy. The bag is stiff and structured so I don’t need to worry about it ripping anytime soon. Also, it’s very comfortable to wear even though it’s stiff. However, I do wish there was a bit more space in it however thats not much of a big deal as I guess I’m just used to massive bags. You genuinely can’t go wrong for £30.00, really pleased with this purchase and also have received compliments on this bag. 

The second thing I brought was a watch.

Topshop-Rose Gold Mesh Watch-Reduced to £24.00 (Currently no longer available online)

I was extremely shocked to come across such a beautiful watch online at Topshop. I was instantly drawn to it as mesh watches are so in right now and also this one isn’t too over the top. The low price for such a beauty was just the icing on the cake. I can honestly say the pictures does not do this watch justice! It’s the perfect size and also very easy to adjust. So so pleased with this purchase,  I’ve literally worn it non stop ever since I purchased it.

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Collective Haul | Asos, New Look, Cultbeauty etc

Hi guyssss I have been busy shopping once again! Honestly, I think I may have a problem but I can not help myself!!

I have been searching for the perfect winter coat for the LONGEST timee – I am extremely picky when it comes to coats and jackets. I FINALLY found one I absolutely love on ASOS:


This coat is on ASOS but is by New Look. Its the most comfiest thing everrr, i love the fur collar (its detachable!!) This only costs £55! Bargain!
Click on me to buy this coat!
Next things I brought are from cultbeauty. I decided to purchase the Zoeva blush palette in ‘pink spectrum’.


How gorgeousss is this?! Its super buildable and pigmented andd it ONLY costs £15!

Click on me to buy!

Next thing I purchased from cultbeauty is this relatively new Abh liquid lipstick set.

abh-mini liquid lipstick set-a_rev.jpg

I have never tried the lip products from ABH – no idea whyyy but i am sooo pleased with how these apply and wear through the day. They arent too drying and i was not reapplying often. You get 3 beautiful shadess that I feel would look STUNNING on ALL skin tones. I reallyy need them to come out with more of these sets!


That is alll for this haul guyss but i hope you guys liked this post. Make sure to like, comment and follow for more! Until next timee…goodbyee:*♡

Soap & Co Mineral Peeling Gel Review

Hey girlies! I hope you’re all well! Today’s blogpost will be a review on the Mineral Peeling Gel by Soap & Co.

So, I was walking around Westfield with my friend and got stopped by a Soap & Co employee who wanted us to test out their products. This product intrigued me the most! The employee had tried this on my wrist even though it’s for the face. It was lathered on my wrist and a few minutes after was scrubbed off. Initially I thought the residue after scrubbing  was my actual dead skin however, after I purchased it I had realised it was the residue from the gel. I was really interested by this product and asked how much it was, it retails at a whopping £65 to which I had replied, “it’s too expensive” haha! However, due to me being a student, it was offered to me for £30 which is a major difference so I purchased it. I got home and tried it on my face just like the employee had instructed me to and boy was I amazed. I’m going to be honest everytime I do use it, my face does go red for a couple of minutes due to the scrubbing required however, it’s only for a couple of minutes! Anyways, this product literally instantly brightens up my complexion and makes my skin feel smooth after a couple of hours of using it. My skin is now much more brighter with regular use. I must say the smell of the product is very luxurious. Also, it makes my skin feel revitalised due to it getting rid of dead skin cells, my face instantly feels fresher after using it. I do highly recommend this product, it’s just a shame how expensive the product is!

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Collective Haul – PrettyLittleThing, Missguided & Boohoo

Hi guyssss – I am back with ANOTHER haul (I find myself going into stores to have a ‘quick’ browse & before I know it, I’ve come home with my hands full of shopping bags!)


My first purchase was actually a planned purchase (I’m usually a spontaneous and reckless shopper). I was in NEED of a cute, black shoulder bag because my all time fave one broke. I happened to come across this beauty on PrettyLittleThing:


I LOVE ITTT- Honestly my FAVOURITE bag ever & it’s bigger than I thought – just to give you guys an idea I can fit my phone, glasses, money, keys, lipliner and even a 500ml WATER BOTTLE in this bag!

CLICK ON ME TO BUY THE BAG (it also comes in 2 other colours)


I had been eyeing up this dress for the LONGEST time and I finally purchased it and I am in LOVEEE.


I usually wear a UK size 8 but I read the reviews on Missguided & decided to get a size 4 and I am soo glad I did because it fits perfectly! (It is a little on the shorter side though!)

CLICK ON ME TO BUY THIS DRESS (also available in 2 other colours)


My last purchase is probably my absolute FAVE!<3 I needed a nice jacket for autumn and found this perfect denim one at boohoo:



I loveee the fur collar – it’s soo cute! This is actually from the petite section – I ordered my usual size UK 8 & it fits nicely. This is also available in black – I think I need to purchase that one too!


That is unfortuantely it for now guysss:( but I really hope you likedd this mini haul post – be sure to like & follow and let me know down in the comments what YOUR fave piece was! Thanks for reading<3

Primark Haul

Hey girlies! It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve done a blogpost (well it has been lol). Anyways with my second year of uni starting soon, I thought it was time for a major shopping spree. I thought I’d share with you guys my main purchases. 

I can always rely on primark for elegant looking plain flats. I fell in love with these as soon as I set my eyes on them, they literally would suit with any outfit of any colour. Did I mention how inexpensive they also are?!

I was in need of a thick neck scarf for winter which is around the corner. This is literally the perfect maxi scarf size which I was really pleased with as most are either too big or too small.

I loveee these oversized jumpers for them days where you just can’t be asked to make much of an effort. Also, they are so inexpensive and really comfortable. Also, they are very modest friendly and can be easily worn on top of an abaya especially on hot days. 

When I want to make a bit of an effort with my outfit, I always love sticking on a chiffon blouse on top of my abaya. I was really pleased with this one as it’s elegant looking with out it being too ott.

With winter around the corner, I thought it was the right time to stock up on cosy jumpers. These two are both plain coloured ones which is great for them casual winter days outfits!

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Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask – Review!

Hii guysss – feels like I haven’t done a blog post in a little whilee so I’m back & better (I hope so anyway!). So as if the title isn’t a huge giveaway, I will be reviewing the body shop Himalayan charcoal mask!

I’ve been eyeing this mask for a while but I never purchased it because I just had second thoughts on whether it would be worth the price & so on – it’s not too pricey but it isn’t exactly cheap at £16!


Is it worth the price? In short.. yes, it is.


So the mask is a green/grey colour and it’s not very thick but has bits of charcoal in it which obviously makes it a little thick in texture but it spreads really evenly on the skin! One of the first things I noticed with this mask is the SMELL! It’s not particularly an unpleasant smell, I don’t even know how to explain it but it does have a strong smell. You’ll either LOVE it or HATE it. 


One of the first things I’ve noticed about this mask is how FRESHHH my face looks and feels immediately after applying it. It honestly feels so nice and clean – one of the BEST feelings ever because it really feels like it’s doing its job! I’ve used this quite a bit now and I have realised it leaves my skin looking brighter than usual & after a few uses I’ve realised a reduction in blackheads on my nose and also I had a few spots/scars on my forehead which have started to fade – I’m guessing this is somewhat due to this mask, because I have retained my usual skin routine.

If you are willing to spend £16 then definitely purchase this mask! It’s soo worth it – it lasts realllyy long & you will see results soon enough if you’re consistent! I can’t wait to try the body shop’s other masks.

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