My recent purchases (beauty & accessories)

Hey girlies! Hope you’re all well. I haven’t had much time recently to do a big shop however, I’ve been buying bits and bobs here and there so I thought I’d share with you guys my recent purchases. 

So I don’t know about you girls but I love my accessories to look very minimal so when I came across this watch I was obsessed as it looks very simple and would go with any outfit. Not to mention it’s as cheap as chips, for £4.89 this stunning watch is a bargain!

Click here to buy this watch.

So I’ve got a lot of black marks on my face and I’ve literally tried everything to get rid of them however, nothing seems to work. That’s until I came across bio oil, the results do take long to see however the wait is worth it, my black marks are slowly but surely getting lighter! Every time I put this oil on my face, my face feels cleaner and refreshed. I brought the 60 ml one in which I’ve realised does run out really quickly which is a downer however, it’s still worth it!

Click here to buy this bio oil. 

Hope you girlies enjoyed reading this post, until next time take care! ❤


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