L’oreal Clay Mask Review & How To Get Clear Skin

Hi guys, as you can tell from this title this post is all about how I got clear skin (and a review of a L’oreal mask I recently purchased), I thought of combining the two into one post since they are on the same topic.

I have not always had terrible skin, my skin has been clear up until I turned 16. Around the age of 16 I began breaking out especially around my forehead and it was pretty bad! I was quite self-conscious about it so I visited my GP and was prescribed with Benzoyl Peroxide. 


The pic above is the exact one my GP prescribed for me. I used to use this once every night (be warned – it is VERY drying!), and it took several months but it did manage to clear up my skin quite a bit, but not completely! 

I then began using various products and face washes but none of them worked on me 😦 I then came across the L’oreal Detox Face Mask (recommended by one of my friends). I honestly did not think it would particularly help my skin, I initially bought it because I just generally LOVE face masks. This is what it looks like:


I purchased it from boots for £6 – Click on me to buy it! You guysss I PROMISE YOU it has literally worked miracles on my skin! The mask has charcoal in it so when you put it on your face, the places where you have any impurities turn a darker colour and you can see them being brought up to the skin’s surface. I did not expect this to improve my spots but it has honestly made a huge difference from only a few uses. I recommended it to my friend and she agreed, so it isn’t just me and I think it’s safe to say it DOES work! L’oreal also have 2 other similar face masks, a mattify-ing one and glow one (which I CANNOT wait to try!). I honestly could not recommend this product enough (I’ve realised this sounds like an ad but it’s not haha, I purchased it with my own money & plus this blog is not very known). But as I was saying, definitely give this a go, it claims to last 10 uses but there is A LOT of product in the tub and will definitely last you more!

After putting on the Clay mask, I like to get some rose water on a cotton pad and just dab it all over my face! This is the rose water I use, I got it from my local store:


This makes my face feel so FRESH and I LOVE using it. It’s also really good for pimples (I once got a tiny pimple and put rose water on it and it literally disappeared overnight!)

Okay guysss, that is all for now! I hope you found this useful and do let me know if you decide to purchase any of these products or if you have tried them out and what you think of them! If you have any questions/comments do leave them down below! Make sure to give this a like and follow the blog! Thank you for reading!<3



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