HUGE Fashion/Clothing Haul

Hi everyoneee! During the December and January I picked up some gorgeous fashion pieces (they were a bargain $$) and I wanted to share them with you all! Most of them are clothing, although I did also buy a bag and I’m pretty sure most of the items are still available so I will provide links to all the pieces I picked up and if not I will try to find a similar alternative for you all. So let’s beginn….

The first thing I picked up was this Tan Suedette Sleeveless Jacket from Select.

I had my eye on this for a little while as I really wanted a sleeveless suede jacket. It’s so easy to throw on and complete outfits and the material feels super soft! I purchased this in a size 6 (Yes, I sized down) and it fits amazingg! It’s not too long nor too short – it’s perfect length. I brought this in the sale for £9.99 (it is STILL on sale online)

To buy this CLICK ON ME

The next thing I purchased was from ASOS. These are the ASOS Petite Revington Jeans.jeans

These I believe cost me £13 in the sale which is such a bargain for jeans! The sizing on ASOS is a little weird as in rather than having size 6,8,10 etc there’s a waist (W) and leg (L) size. I had never ordered jeans from ASOS before so I literally measured my waist and leg with a measuring tape and hoped for the best haha! They literally fit like a glove. The sizing was absolutely SPOT ON! Unfortunately these are no longer in stock, but they do have very similar ones which I will link below.

Alternative 1 – CLICK ON ME

Alternative 2 – CLICK ON ME

Alternative 3 – CLICK ON ME

The next place I shopped was New Look! I LOVE New Look clothing in general and was so excited to find some really nice pieces in their online sale. The first thing I purchased was this Placed Breton Stripe Shirt.greystripy

It’s a basic grey long sleeved top with white stripes and it’s kinda cute. I believe this cost me around £4-6which is super super cheap. I purchased this in a size 6 and it fits well. Unfortunately, this item is no longer in stock 😦

The next thing I brought from New Look was this DLS Roll Neck Crop Top. 

This cost me £4 in the sale and I purchased this in a size 6 also. It fits so beautifully! I am obsessed with roll neck tops and I have almost every single colour except grey so I needed this. Unfortunately, this exact one is no longer in stock BUT I have found some alternatives (in grey and other colours) around the same price range!

Similar Grey – CLICK ON ME to buy

Similar – DARK GREEN – Click on me to buy

Similar – White – CLICK ON ME to buy

The next thing I purchased from New Look (I know, there’s quite a few from new look!) was this Dark Green Ribbed Long Sleeve Jumper. I also purchased this in BLACK because I LOVED how it looked! I brought these for £8 (the black one) and £6 (dark green one), however I brought one in size 8 and one in size 6 but because they’re quite tight fitting they both fit well.


To buy Dark Green – CLICK ON ME

To buy Black – CLICK ON ME

The next thing I brought from New look was this gorgeous Tie Front Shell Pink Top.


I really love the colour of this top – at £6 it is such a bargain. However, it is extremely thin so you’d definitely have to wear something under it unless it’s extremely hot where you live! Unfortunately, this colour is no longer on the site but they do have a black one!


The final thing I brought from New look (yes i know, at last!) was this Lace Up Stripe Crop Top. 


I got this in a size 8 and it cost me £6. I’m obsessed with tops that have the lace up in the front – I love how they looook!

To buy this CLICK ON ME

They also have this exact top in other colours SO I will also add a few of the links to those below!

WHITE lace up – CLICK ON ME to buy

Navy Lace up – CLICK ON ME to buy

Deep Pink Lace Up – CLICK ON ME to buy (This one is such a gorgeous colour, I need it!)

Red Lace up – CLICK ON ME to buy

Grey Lace Up – CLICK ON ME to buy

The FINALLL thing I purchased was a bag from MANGO. This bag originally cost £40 but I managed to get it fro £20 in the sale!


VERY similar – CLIKC ON ME to buy

THAT IS ALLL FOR NOW! I know this was quite a long blog post but I did buy quite a few items! If you’ve made it this far THANK YOU FOR READING<3. I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it somewhat useful – Let me know in the comments which item you liked most! Also, pleaaaase leave a like/comment (I enjoy reading your comments!) and maybe follow our blog and our insta @belleames- we’d really appreciate it! Thank youu guys, bye for now♥♥.


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