Hello everyone! As you can tell from the title this post will be all about my trip to Dubai, I had posted part 1 a while back so be sure to check that out first if you haven’t already! My Trip to Dubai 2016. – Part 1

Now let’s get started with part 2!;)

I’m sure almost ALL of you will recognise this building:


It is none other than the famous BURJ KHALIFA!:O The Burj Khalifa is supposedly the TALLEST building in the whole entire world! I was lucky enough to get to go to the TOP and the views were absolutely BREATHTAKING as you will get to see down below! If you want to go just remember you will be charged per person and need to book in advance (google this) to go inside of the burj but I PROMISE you guys it is so worth it!!

I also visited The Dubai Creek and went on my first EVER boat ride! As it was my first ever boat ride I was kind of nervous and didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I stepped onto the boat and the boat left the dock.. I kind of forgot I was even on a boat! I was just SO MESMERISED by the beauty surrounding the clear waters (yes you guys the water was so BLUE and CLEAR) and we were surrounded by all these tall and beautiful buildings – I actually wish the boat ride was longer haha! 

I also got the chance to visit a BEAUTIFUL mosque near to where I was staying – there was a talk and tour for tourists so I just had to go!! It was super fascinating and I learnt so much from it – an incredible experience! If you do get a chance to visit one you definitely should but please remember if you’re a female they will probably ask for you to wear a headscarf and prefer if neither females nor males are showing too much skin. If you happen to be that’s not a huge problem, as they usually do provide a cover up! 🙂



I also visited a place called ‘Souk al Bahar’ which is opposite of the Dubai Mall and water fountain show (refer to part 1). The Souk is indoors and it is largely recognised for it’s gold! They have quite a few shops there selling gold along with other general shops where you can purchase souvenirs and I saw a few places to eat too!


That’s ALL for now you guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about DUBAI – it is an absolutely amazing city and I really hope I get the chance to visit again sometime soon! If you are considering visiting you most definitely should – you will NOT regret, it has honestly been my FAVOURITE holiday ever and I’m not sure if it can be topped but we will have to see haha! 

Make sure to read both parts and leave a like/comment or even a follow for more AWESOME posts! Also, be sure to follow us on instagram @belleames ! Thank you all and happy holidays!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” ♥



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