Beauty Calendars – Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hi guys!! As it’s winter and Christmas is just around the corner (YAYYYYY), I thought I’d dedicate this post to some fabulous beauty related Christmas gift ideas!

One of the main things I am LOVING this Christmas are the beauty advent calendars. I just LOVE the whole idea of them, they are absolutely perfect for everyone who loves makeup! And you get a WHOLE LOT more than you pay for, it really is good value for money! Below are some of my personal FAVES:


This is the flutter beauty calendar from It includes 24 mini makeup items and ONLY costs £8. To shop this: Click on me!

I am also LOVING the Benefit Calendar this year! I absolutely love benefit and their products (I think I may need to get one for myself!) With this calendar you get 12 items and it’s currently 10% off at Debenhams – costing £31.05! 


To shop the benefit calendar: Click on me!

Next one – be prepared you guys…. IS FROM NYX!!! :O I had no idea NYX did an advant calendar – I’ve been dying to try their products and you get 24 goodies in this calendar so it’s absolutely perfect! (SO tempted to buy this for myself – I can’t help it!) This calendar costs £60 which is a little pricey but you do get a lot more items than the other 2 calendars and Very have a 3 for 2 offer going on right now so why not??


To shop the NYX calendar: Click on me!

Last but not least is the Charlotte Tilbury calendar! I saved this one for last since it is a lot more pricey than the other calendars – costing £150 from Selfridges. However, it is a higher end brand so that was to be expected BUT it does come with 12 items and if you were to buy these individually you would end up costing a wholeee lot more, so it’s definitely worth it!


To shop this calendar: Click on me!


That’s all for now! Hope you all found this somewhat helpful! Do let us know below which one is your fave and whether you’ll be purchasing any! Thanks for reading! Be sure to like/comment/follow and also follow us on insta @belleames ❤



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