Spring 2016 Istanbul Holiday! 

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share this post with you lovely people! As you can tell from the title, this post will be about my short stay in Istanbul. One of my favourite hobbies is to travel, I love exploring what this beautiful world has got to offer. Also, I love experiencing other people’s cultures- it’s such a beautiful thing to feel a part of someone else’s culture when you go to their country!

Over my short stay in Istanbul, I stayed at The Byzantium Hotel & Suites. As soon as I stepped in there, I felt right at home and was astonished at the modern interior of the hotel which is absolutely stunning and spacious! Even though there was a problem with the booking when we got there which was not the hotel’s fault rather the company we booked the stay with, the staff resolved the issue in such a quick and friendly manner so I was highly impressed! I still remember stepping inside my hotel room, it was beautiful with a humongous comfy bed which I cannot compliment enough, I have trouble sleeping straight away yet when I was in this hotel, I slept like a baby- seriously had the best night sleep ever in this hotel! The hotel just kept getting better and better as I explored, I discovered a rooftop terrace- oh my God, it was so beautiful and made me feel like I was in some dream! The hotel was so luxurious that they even had their own branded toiletries in the bathroom of my hotel room such as body lotion which I have to say smelt so stunning and the fact that everything in the hotel was spotless was an added bonus! It’s a shame that I didn’t have enough time to go to the hotel spa however, my family did and they came back looking very refreshed and relaxed. I loved waking up in the mornings in this hotel as I would look forward to the yummy hotel breakfast in which there was a variety of food to choose from. There even was a coffee machine which is a huge tick for me as I cannot survive without my beloved coffee. Me being greedy, I would go back for seconds of the coffee and food, whoops I couldn’t help myself, the hotel has the best breakfast selection ever! I cannot recommend this hotel enough- I seriously had the time of my life in this hotel, I highly recommend you to book this hotel if you’re ever in Istanbul.

One thing I was excited about when I was travelling to Istanbul was being able to eat Halal Mcdonalds and that’s exactly what I did haha!

My favourite thing that I ate in Istanbul was a chicken wrap from Loti Cafe & Dining which is located in Istanbul. It was absolutely scrumptious! Also, the service was exceptional- really fast service and very friendly staff! Highly recommend this cafe!

We didn’t have a lot of time in Istanbul as we only travelled there for a short stay so we really wanted to visit the Grand Bazaar however, it was unfortunately closed when we went there due to bank holiday. However, some shops were still open so we went and explored! Trust me when I tell you guys that Istanbul shops sells the best ladies jewellery ever! I brought back home so many dainty bracelets cause I couldn’t resist!

There’s so many places to explore in Istanbul- everywhere you look there’s beautiful views! We visited so many museums and mosques such as the blue mosque. All the mosques we visited were so stunning to look at and I felt so peaceful inside them! We also went on a two hour boat ride in which the wind made me feel so refreshed and free- such a peaceful feeling and the views on both sides were gorgeous! I’m going to stop babbling and let the pictures speak for themselves!

I really enjoyed my time in Istanbul! It’s such a beautiful city with a beautiful culture! I highly recommend you visit Istanbul at least once in your life because if you don’t then you are missing out!

“To travel is to live”

-Hans Christian Andersen

(All pictures on this post are taken on iPhone 5C, please give belleames credit should you choose to use these pictures, thank you!)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Comment down below what your favourite travel destination is- I’d love to hear from you guys! Also, if you liked this post, give us a follow to keep up to date with our posts! ❤︎


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