Makeup Revolution – REVIEW

Hi everyone!♥ I know it’s been a while since anything has been posted on this blog but I have been extremely busy! I am SO glad this week is over and it’s finally the weekend woooop!!! 🙂 

I picked up my first ever makeup revolution palette from Superdrug last week and after trying it out I have decided to post a little review on it.


This is the palette that I picked up! It’s called the ‘Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers‘ AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSS! This is the first product of Maleup Revolution that I have tried and I am SO impressed. I NEED MOREEE!

Here is a swatch of all of the shades (in order from left to right):


All of the shades are obviously shimmer shades and they are honestly so so so pigmented! This picture does not do the shades enough justice – they are so much more beautiful in real life. 

This palette only cost me £4 ! :O Absolute bargain. A lot of their palettes are around this price range and I will definitely be getting a whole lot more.

To purchase this palette Click here:

(P.S. There is currently a 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics at Superdrug right now so definitely buy it!!)

That is all for now lovelies, hope you all enjoyed this mini review! 


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