My Trip to Dubai 2016. – Part 1

Hey guys! As you can tell from the title this post will be all about my recent trip to Dubai – I’ll include info on where I stayed, places I visited and would recommend etc. It may be a long one so grab a snack! (Happy reading my loves<3)

So let’s start from the very beginning! I went on holiday to Dubai this summer with my family for 2 weeks and it was absolutely AMAZING (I wish I could’ve stayed for longer haha.) During our trip we stayed in Bur Dubai which is such a lovely area, it’s close to all the big shopping meals and restaurants. We stayed at Movenpick Bur Dubai. 


This was honestly the BEST hotel I have EVER stayed at! (Must be 5* for a reason :P) Honestly, it’s super pretty and the interior is extremely elegant and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. If I ever go back, I would definitely stay here again – I LOVED it that much and I have absolutely no bad things to say about it. I would definitely recommend this place!


My fave part about the hotel was the pool!


During our stay we visited many shopping malls (I am a shopping addict haha, who doesn’t love clothes?) The Dubai Mall was hands down my FAVOURITE shopping mall! It’s hugeee and has SO many shops including your highstreet faves such as: H&M, Topshop, Newlook and also the designer stores such as: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. There’s honestly something for everybody and not to mention it also has a really cool aquarium INSIDE the mall (I know, how amazing?!) 



The area surrounding the Dubai Mall is BEAUTIFUL<3. The famous Dubai Fountain Show takes place just outside the Dubai Mall several times a day! Everyone gathers around to watch – it’s AMAZING and if you ever plan to visit Dubai you MUST watch it. It only lasts a few minutes but it is such a pretty sight!



We also took a trip down to Jumeirah Beach – it’s such a beautiful sight! I LOVE beaches, it is a lot prettier and cleaner than the beaches down in London to say the least! The Burj Al Arab (“seven star hotel”) can be seen from the beach and is within walking distance. 



Okay guys that’s all for Part 1 of the Dubai series.I will be doing the rest in a separate blog post otherwise it will get wayyyyy too long! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and I can not wait to share the rest with you all 🙂 (make sure you follow the blog to know when it is released)


^ (sneak peak from part 2;))

Thank you for reading<3




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