Boohoo Autumn/Winter Clothing Haul

Hey guys, I have been absolutely LOVING a few bits on Boohoo recently so I had to place an order and I know boohoo can be a bit hit & miss sometimes, but I am super happy with EVERYTHING I purchased!

The first item I bought was this stunning fur coat:

You guyss this is the SOFTEST thing I have ever laid my hands on. It’s super comfy and it has a hood and pockets!! I’ve been looking for the perfect fur coat for the LONGEST time & this is it! It won’t break the bank like some fur coats either – it’s currently on sale for £45.50!CLICK ON ME TO PURCHASE!

The next item I bought is this pink knitted jumper:


I am obsessed with the balloon sleeves – they look so cute & the jumper has quite a slouchy/oversized look to it which I love!


The final item I purchased was this Rusty Red/Cinnamon cropped jumper:


This is honestly one of  the comfiest jumpers I own. It has the perfect ‘cropped’ fit to it & looks so good paired with high waisted jeans. The roll neck and the colour of this literally scream Autumn! I’m pretty sure this is available in a few other colours & I’ve managed to convince myself I need them too.



Those are the pieces I ordered but I’ve currently got like 100 other items in my boohoo cart so expect another haul real soon! Let me know what your fave item was (mine is definitely the fur coat, I’m so in love with it!)

Make sure to follow the blog for more hauls (I always try to convice myself I have to spend £££ so I can do these blogposts, but really I’m just a shopping addict. hahahahahelpme.)

Luxury Skincare/Makeup Haul!

Hey guys! As the title suggests – I have purchased a few “high end” makeup & skincare goodies so I thought I’d do a little review on them for you all 🙂

Let’s start with skincare..


I stole this cleanser from my cousin because she’d never used it and OMG you guys it is AMAZING! It’s called the ‘perfectly clean splash away foam cleanser’. It smells really nice – it’s not overpowering like some cleansers can be – it’s a very refreshing and ever so slightly perfumed smell. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I have honestly noticed a difference in my skin. It makes my face look & feel super fresh and glowy! Hands down the BEST cleanser I have tried so far & I will definitely be repurchasing.

The next skincare related item I bought is the YSL ‘Instant Moisture Glow’:


I typically use this before applying makeup and I have realised that it makes my foundation look more airbrushed than usual. I have even worn this on days I wear no makeup but want my skin to look good. It adds a beautiful glow to your skin and it feels super lightweight and hydrating (and my skin is usually drier than the sahara desert at times!) It is quite pricey but if you do want to treat yourself/have a little splurge, it is well worth it.

Now on to makeup (MY FAVE):

I finally got my hands on the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Champagne Pop’. It’s always sold out whenever I try to buy it and I can now totally see why!


Before I even get on to the actual product.. I love how there is a mirror inside, it makes life so much easier because I can literally carry it around and apply it wherever & whenever! The texture of the highlighter is really smooth and makes it so easy to apply. The specs of shimmer are very fine, it does not look gritty at all. 

The next makeup item I purchased is actually a set which also comes with a few mini  products.

I have needed a new mascara for the longest time and so I decided to give the “YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils” a go! It comes in this absolutely BEAUTIFUL gold tube, which in itself makes the mascara look super luxurious.


This is hands down the BEST mascara I have tried! Mascara always seems to make my lushes look clumpy and straight (they do NOT hold a curl unless I use a curler.) However, with this mascara there is NO clumpiness and it makes my tiny-ass lashes look long and wispy. The only issue I have with this mascara is that it is a quite a wet formula so you do need to give it some time to dry and avoid smudges especially with the lower lash line!



That is all for my “mini” skincare/makeup haul. I would love to buy some more high end skincare & makeup bits so if you do have any recommendations, feel free to comment them down below! 🙂 If not, like/follow the blog for more!<3


PrettyLittleThing Haul!

I feel like I haven’t done a blogpost in FOREVER! My excuse (not a bad excuse since it’s true) is that it was exam season but I’m back now & I have been exam stress-shopping – is that even a thing? Who cares? It means I have a WHOLEE LOT of clothing hauls coming up so make sure you follow to stay tuned 😉

Today’s haul is a mini PLT haul – they’ve had sooo many cute pieces recently, I didn’t even mean to purchase anything, just have a quick little harmless browse but we can tell how that went..

The first item i fell in LOVE with is this Navy Floral Blouse:

This cost £25 and also comes in a gorgeous Stone colour (which I think I’ll definitely be purchasing soon). I got this in a size 6 – I’m usually between a 6&8 and it fits perfectly! It is quite a bit low cut as you can tell.


Next thing I purchased was another blouse – I’ve been obsessed with more formal wear lately. It’s just a casual black blouse with a cute tie-up side!

This is a little more on the cropped side which is why I decided to buy it in a size 8 – it still fits really well. It is a very thin material so it’s perfect for the summer! Alsoo, it was ONLY £8!!


Last item I bought is a basic black hoodie but with a really cute pull ring zip. It’s super casual but I just thought it’ll be cute to throw on when it is a little chilly. The material is a bit thicker than I anticipated so it will keep you warm!

I bought this in a “S” for a more fitted look. Obviously you’d size up if you wanted it more oversized but I think this looks really good true to size as well. This only cost £15.



That is all for this haul but follow for more! Make sure you also like/comment with what your fave piece was. Until next time byeee<3


Hi loves♡. I am back with another haul.. I honestly have absolutely no self-control whatsoever. I see a sale and before I know it I get an email saying “order confirmed”. I actually tried to restrict myself a bit and didn’t go too overboard this time but prettylittlething have an AMAZING sale on right now, I’d go check it out if I were you.


The first thing I picked up I have actually been eyeing for almost a month and once I saw it was on sale for £8 – there was no stopping me!

I got this gorgeous white blouse – I’m obsessed with the colours! It’s sooo pretty. I got this in a size 6 (it was the only size they had at the time – I am usually an 8) but it fits me well 🙂 (This also comes in 2 other colours). However, it is on the more thinner/sheer side so definitely more suitable for the warmer weather. Click on ME to buy!


The next item I purchased was this Pink choker neck jumper dress:

I purchased this in a size XS – which is equivalent to a size 4/6 – I am usually an 8 so I’d recommend sizing down on this one! This only cost £7 and also comes in Grey and Black. It’s so cute & comfy! I need to get the other colours too! Click on ME to buy!


The final thing I purchased is probably my fave and it’s not a style I would usually go for BUT I bought a “midaxi dress”. I just thought this would be super pretty for an evening meal/something a bit more formal.


This dress is SO stunning in person – pictures do not do it justice! It fits perfectly – really accentuates your curves and it only costs £20. It looks a lot more expensive! This also comes in a few other colours. Click on ME to buy!


That’s all for now loves<3 Hope you enjoyed this little haul blog post. Be sure to leave any comments/like and follow for more!

Missguided HAUL!

Hey guyss, I am back again with ANOTHER haul (seriously, someone needs to confiscate my credit card – I have a problem!) 

I managed to pick up quite a few cute pieces for a really good price – I’m sure most of the items were/still are on sale so you’ll be saving $$$.

First thing I got was this ‘cream roll neck bodycon mini dress’:


I purchased this in a size 6 (one size down) and it fits reallyy nicely – hugs your body in ALL the right places. It’s such a classic nude colour & really simple – but you can dress it up so easily! Not to mention — this ONLY cost £7.20!


The next thing I purchased is something I would not usually go for but it is still cold where I live and I just thought it’d be cute/easy to throw on, on those colder days:


It’s just a basic cropped black zip-up hoodie. This also comes in a few other colours & cost £15 which isn’t too bad and missguided have discount codes all the time so make use of them!!

Next item I purchased is a pair of jeans – these are the petite “vice” high waisted jeans. I have a pair of white ones and omg you guysss they are the comfiest, most flattering jeans ever! I’ve recently been reaching for these as opposed to my topshop ones:


One thing I would say is they are quite big for some reason so I would recommend going a size down for a better/tighter fit. They also fit me length wise & I am around 5’3-5’4. These only cost £20 which I think is super affordable for a pair of good quality jeans!

Finally my FAVOURITE item I purchased was this ‘slinky cut out dress’:


Pictures do not do this justice – it is SUCH a stunning colour & the material is soo extremely soft! It fits really well and hugs your curves – but I did size down 1 size so I would recommend you to do that too! 🙂

That’s all for now my loves<3 thank you for reading! Make sure to like/comment & give us a follow if you aren’t already following. 🙂


Clinique All About Eyes Review | No More DARK CIRCLES?!

Hii everyonee – feels like I have not done a blogpost in FOREVER! I had posted on insta quite a while back (p.s. you should totally follow our insta @belleames) that I had purchased the Clinique all about eyes rich eye cream & as promised I have decided to do a review on it!


As you can see (or maybe you can’t?) that this eye cream claims to reduce circles and puffiness. I have been suffering from DARK circles since the beginning of time.. It’s honestly so bad, my uncle once asked me if I had been crying (thanks for making me even more self conscious about them!)


Formula: The cream has quite a thin/really creamy consistency – it leaves your under-eyes feeling and looking fresh and moisturised and you honestly just need the smallest amount – so it lasts absolutely ages and makes it worth it’s higher price tag of £27. 

But does it really work?

I don’t tend to get puffiness much, but it happens on the odd occasion. I can say I have noticed a HUGEEE reduction in puffiness from using this eye cream. But let’s move on to the REAL DEALLL (my extreme dark circles):

I am NOT claiming this is a miracle product – because let’s face it you won’t wake up the next morning with no dark circles. However, I can honestly say that from regular use (I have used it twice a day so far for over a month), my dark circles have definitely reduced and my under eyes do look considerably brighter than before. I am quite positive that it’s working & with even longer use, the results will be even better so to me it is worth every penny!


That concludes my mini review & if you guys do decide to try it out or would like me to do a follow up – let me know down in the comments! Make sure to follow & like to stay updated for future posts! Byeee<3


Maniere De Voir – Clothing Haul/First Impressions

Hi guyss, hope you are all doing well. I am back yet again with ANOTHER haul (I need help!) My excuse for this haul is.. I had to buy it so I could try it for you guys! 

I have honestly not heard too much about the brand maniere de voir, but I somehow seemed to stumble on their page and fell IN LOVEEE with their clothing! (everything happens for a reason right?)

Before I even start with the haul – let’s discuss delivery! Their site states they aim to deliver within 2-3 working days, BUT my parcel took a week to arrive. This is most likely because of how hectic things are around xmas time but customer service was great with informing me about the status of my parcel so I’m not too fussed! 🙂

Let’s starttt..


First thing I ordered were these STUNNING suede ‘leggings’ but OHMYGOD you guyss, these are the MOST warmest/comfiest pair of pants I own hands down! They have a lace up bit on either side so you can really tighten it to accentuate your curves and these also have a zipper at the back where your bum is, which is a bit tricky to do up (you’ve been warned). I’ve received sooo many compliments on these & really need to buy a “back-up” pair. These cost £35.99 but I promise you they are worthh it! (Note – I am a size 8 and these fit true to size!)

To buy these CLICK ON ME!

The next thing I purchased were the EXACT same leggings in this beautiful nude/taupe colour.


To buy these CLICK ON ME!

The final thing I purchased was this cosy oversized hoodie/dress:


I am OBSESSED with oversized hooded dresses for the winter time because they keep you soo warm and they’re so easy to style/throw on but it still adds so much to your putfit! I particularly love the embroided roses on the sleeves and the message “more self love”<3. I purchased this in a size M because I wanted it quite oversized. This also cost £35.99. I know it may not be the cheapestt BUT boxing day is coming up so I’d deffo keep an eye out on the site!


That is unfortunately all 😦 Let me know below what you guyss think of the pieces I picked up and as boxing day is soon approaching, I’d keep my eye out on the site to see what they have because honestly their clothing pieces are STUNNING!

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Collective Haul | Asos, New Look, Cultbeauty etc

Hi guyssss I have been busy shopping once again! Honestly, I think I may have a problem but I can not help myself!!

I have been searching for the perfect winter coat for the LONGEST timee – I am extremely picky when it comes to coats and jackets. I FINALLY found one I absolutely love on ASOS:


This coat is on ASOS but is by New Look. Its the most comfiest thing everrr, i love the fur collar (its detachable!!) This only costs £55! Bargain!
Click on me to buy this coat!
Next things I brought are from cultbeauty. I decided to purchase the Zoeva blush palette in ‘pink spectrum’.


How gorgeousss is this?! Its super buildable and pigmented andd it ONLY costs £15!

Click on me to buy!

Next thing I purchased from cultbeauty is this relatively new Abh liquid lipstick set.

abh-mini liquid lipstick set-a_rev.jpg

I have never tried the lip products from ABH – no idea whyyy but i am sooo pleased with how these apply and wear through the day. They arent too drying and i was not reapplying often. You get 3 beautiful shadess that I feel would look STUNNING on ALL skin tones. I reallyy need them to come out with more of these sets!


That is alll for this haul guyss but i hope you guys liked this post. Make sure to like, comment and follow for more! Until next timee…goodbyee:*♡

Collective Haul – PrettyLittleThing, Missguided & Boohoo

Hi guyssss – I am back with ANOTHER haul (I find myself going into stores to have a ‘quick’ browse & before I know it, I’ve come home with my hands full of shopping bags!)


My first purchase was actually a planned purchase (I’m usually a spontaneous and reckless shopper). I was in NEED of a cute, black shoulder bag because my all time fave one broke. I happened to come across this beauty on PrettyLittleThing:


I LOVE ITTT- Honestly my FAVOURITE bag ever & it’s bigger than I thought – just to give you guys an idea I can fit my phone, glasses, money, keys, lipliner and even a 500ml WATER BOTTLE in this bag!

CLICK ON ME TO BUY THE BAG (it also comes in 2 other colours)


I had been eyeing up this dress for the LONGEST time and I finally purchased it and I am in LOVEEE.


I usually wear a UK size 8 but I read the reviews on Missguided & decided to get a size 4 and I am soo glad I did because it fits perfectly! (It is a little on the shorter side though!)

CLICK ON ME TO BUY THIS DRESS (also available in 2 other colours)


My last purchase is probably my absolute FAVE!<3 I needed a nice jacket for autumn and found this perfect denim one at boohoo:



I loveee the fur collar – it’s soo cute! This is actually from the petite section – I ordered my usual size UK 8 & it fits nicely. This is also available in black – I think I need to purchase that one too!


That is unfortuantely it for now guysss:( but I really hope you likedd this mini haul post – be sure to like & follow and let me know down in the comments what YOUR fave piece was! Thanks for reading<3

Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask – Review!

Hii guysss – feels like I haven’t done a blog post in a little whilee so I’m back & better (I hope so anyway!). So as if the title isn’t a huge giveaway, I will be reviewing the body shop Himalayan charcoal mask!

I’ve been eyeing this mask for a while but I never purchased it because I just had second thoughts on whether it would be worth the price & so on – it’s not too pricey but it isn’t exactly cheap at £16!


Is it worth the price? In short.. yes, it is.


So the mask is a green/grey colour and it’s not very thick but has bits of charcoal in it which obviously makes it a little thick in texture but it spreads really evenly on the skin! One of the first things I noticed with this mask is the SMELL! It’s not particularly an unpleasant smell, I don’t even know how to explain it but it does have a strong smell. You’ll either LOVE it or HATE it. 


One of the first things I’ve noticed about this mask is how FRESHHH my face looks and feels immediately after applying it. It honestly feels so nice and clean – one of the BEST feelings ever because it really feels like it’s doing its job! I’ve used this quite a bit now and I have realised it leaves my skin looking brighter than usual & after a few uses I’ve realised a reduction in blackheads on my nose and also I had a few spots/scars on my forehead which have started to fade – I’m guessing this is somewhat due to this mask, because I have retained my usual skin routine.

If you are willing to spend £16 then definitely purchase this mask! It’s soo worth it – it lasts realllyy long & you will see results soon enough if you’re consistent! I can’t wait to try the body shop’s other masks.

If you’ve tried it, comment below your thoughts & if you haven’t let me know if you’ll be purchasing it! Leave a like & follow for more posts! Thanks for readings guyss take care!<3

Makeup Haul/Review + First Impressions! | HudaBeauty, TheBalm & More!

Hiii guyss – this is one of my first ever makeup haul/review posts (i think!:O). Recently I purchased quite a few makeup items that I’ve NEVER tried before & I wanted to do a mini review on each of the items for you guys 🙂

First item I purchased was the Ardell Black Wispie Lashes:


I have NEVER EVER worn false lashes in my lifeee (because honestly, I have no idea how to put them on despite watching 100’s of youtube tutorials!) They’re soooo pretty and look so good BUT it was soo tricky getting them to stick on and the duo glue that you get with it can be a bit messy too. I LOVED them but would probably not recommend these if you’re a beginner (I feel like the Eyelure ones are more beginner friendly tbh).

The next thing I purchased are these Huda Beauty Mini Liquid Mattes:


I got the ‘Pink’ set which consists of 3 matte shades and 1 is more of  a metallic/sparkly shade. OMGG, they are SO SO SO beautiful. They are so worth the price; I promise you’ll love them! They dry on your lips pretty quickly but still retain your lips moisture and doesn’t completely dry them out/ give you that weird feeling. They also last realllyyy long, I wore one of the shades the other day for about 6-7 hours and only had to reapply a little bit in the centre. They are now my FAVE liquid lipsticks and I will definitely be purchasing the other sets.

I also purchased the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette:


I have not tried the palette out yet because it honestly looks wayy too stunning to use:( but I’m super excited to use it and the colours are SO gorgeous. (Look out for a tutorial soon!)

The next thing I purchased was a BEAUTY BLENDER:


OKOK, I know I’m SUPERRRR late with this, but it was a bit of a splurge for me, as I honestly thought there wasn’t much point of me purchasing one because I have been using the Real Techniques Sponge for the longest time ever but girllllll, was i wrong?! I now understand why everyone says NOTHING will ever compare to the original beauty blender. It honestly made my makeup application look 10x better and was super easy to blend! I would definitely recommend this; a makeup staple!

I also purchased my favourite Sleek Face/Contour Kit:


This is my 2nd or 3rd repurchase of this contour kit and I am in LOVEEEE. This is the shade ‘medium’. I alwaysss use up the contour shade, it’s my absolute fave. The highlighter is also nice if you want a subtle sheen, but I don’t reach for it as much. It’s also very reasonably priced and a great product especially if you’re starting out with makeup (it was my FIRST ever contour palette).

My next purchase was the NYX Dewy Setting Spray:


I believe this gem in a bottle only cost me £7! (Absolute bargain!). I use this on a day to day basis, instead of my Urban Decay one. It’s absolutely AMAZING and gives your skin a healthy, refreshing glow and literally keeps your makeup looking good ALL DAYYY! Easily one of my holy grail products.

The LAST thing I purchased is one of my FAV purchases:


The MaryLou Highlighter is RAVEDDD about on youtube/instagram because of it’s price (retails around £20). It’s sooo beautiful. I got sooo many compliments when wearing this & let’s be realll, compliments regarding your highlighter, are the BEST compliments. This initially gives your face a really nice subtle glow, but it’s easily buildable if you want that BLINDING GLOW. (Especially when using with a damp brush!) 


That’s all for now guysss, hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know your thoughts on any of the items below & make sure to like/follow for more!<3

Anne’s Oils Review (Hair)

Hiii guyss. Todays post is going to be a little bit different than my usual clothing/shopping hauls. I am doing my first EVER hair post! (I think!)

I have been seeing these oils (“annes oils”) all over instagram and people spoke so highly of them so I had to try them out for myself!

Here’s a little look at what they look like:20170607_17521820170607_175245

First thing is PRICE. They are rather pricey; they cost me around £15 a bottle if I remember correctly.

They have a day oil and night oil (as the names suggest, one is for day use and one for night). I purchased both as I wanted to see how different/similar they are.

Lets begin with the day oil:


The day oil claims to reduce frizz and add shine which it does a brilliant job at! It does not 100% get rid of frizz but there is a significant difference and it does add a beautiful (non-greasy looking) shine to your hair.

The night oil:


I have used the night oil wayyy more than the day oil. I usually apply 2 to 3 pumps of this before sleeping and wash the next morning. It leave my hair feeling and looking so soft!

The oils claim to be odourless however I am not sure I agree with that. They do not have a bad or even a strong odour but they definitely do have an odour. (It isnt anything unbearable; it smells fine and is a faint smell!)

They have a thin/runny consistency which I really like and they do not leave your hair looking or feeling greasy, which is SO important to me!

Hair loss: These oils claim to reduce hair loss and honestly speaking I can say that this claim is true! It is not a miracle worker, I have always had a lot of hair fallout but since using this it has definitely reduced and now I don’t experience as much hair falling out as I did before.

I have been using these oils since September last year, it has almost been 9 months and I still have not finished the bottles! (I only use them once a week though, bear this in mind.)

They definitely leave your hair feeling and looking a lot softer and healthier and have reduced hair fallout for me. I would recommend these oils; they are not like any of the other oils I have tried and believe me I have tried a lot!

That is all for now guys; hope you enjoyed my mini review and I will definitely update you guys once I have completely finished both bottles.

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Mini Collective Clothing Haul | H&M, Missguided, New Look & ASOS!

Hey guyssss – I am back with ANOTHER mini haul (wooooooo!). I LOVE shopping, and every time there’s a sale going on, I just can’t resist (not helping my bank balance AT ALL!) 

Let’s beginnn..

The first online store I shopped from was Missguided. Missguided currently have 30% off, so I would definitely head on over to their site right now! I LOVE clothing from missguided, although sometimes the quality can be a bit hit or miss but I am really happy with everything I ordered from there.

The first thing I purchased were these Vice Lace Up Skinny Jeans:


These cost £30 and are a beautiful camel colour. However, they are slightly darker than this in real life. I ordered these in a size 6. I’m usually a size 8 but from the reviews, everyone recommended going a size down and I’m so glad I did because they fit PERFECTLY! They are honestly super figure flattering (you can tighten/loosen the area around the waist) I would definitely recommend them! They also come in a range of different colours: grey, navy & black. 

To purchases these: CLICK ON ME!

The next store I purchased from was H&M. I have recently been LOVING a few bits from H&M (I purchased some beautiful inexpensive jeans from there in my last haul post). This time I ordered this Black Lace Up Top:


I ordered this in a size S. I’d say H&M sizing is pretty accurate! I LOVE this top, I already have the red and white one in this style, so I had to get my hands on the black one since they finally had my size in stock! This top cost me £12.99, which is a bargain considering how much use I will get out of it!

To buy this top: CLICK ON ME!

The next store I ordered from was New Look. I think what I ordered from New Look were definitely my personal FAVOURITE purchases.

The first thing I ordered was this Pink Long Sleeve Choker Neck Top:


I’m a bit late with the whole choker neck trend but this was (and still is) on sale for £5 so I had to buy it! It’s soo much prettier in real life and fits me perfectly (I got my normal size – 8). It also comes in white and the white one is also £5 atm. 

To buy : CLICK ON ME!

The next thing I purchased was this Pink lace bodycon dress:


I purchased this in a size 8 and it cost me £27.99, which I think is pretty cheap for a dress so nice! It’s one of the MOST flattering dresses I own and the lace detail is so pretty (not see through at all). I just think it would be really nice to wear to an evening dinner which is why I got it! 🙂

The final thing is MY BIRTHDAY DRESS!!

I purchased this from ASOS – and it was definitely more of a splurge (£150), but it is honestly so so so beautiful in real life – it has little sequin/pearls on it and it’s just so STUNNING! I can not wait to wear it. I ordered this in a size 6 and I really like how it fits!:)

To buy this dress: CLICK ON ME!


That is ALL for now guys, hope you enjoyed my mini haul post. Do let me know what your fave item was and whether you’ll be purchasing anything down in the comments below. Also, make sure to leave a like and follow the blog for more posts like this one<3. 

London Restaurant Review (South African – Halal) !

Hiii guys! Hope you are all doing well 🙂 As you can tell from the title – this will be a review (with food pics obviously) of a South African restaurant I went to about a week ago (about a week agooo ;)). DISCLAIMER – IT WAS SOOO GOOD OMG. 

Haha, okay sooo first things first the restaurant is called ‘Jungle Braai’ and they currently have 2 branches in London as of now, one is in Bricklane and the other is in Walthamstow. 

Here’s what we ordered:


It tasted even better than it looks!

Soo we ordered a chicken steak meal, a quarter chicken meal and the ‘Jungle platter’ which includes: lamb chops, wings, chips and a drink. You guyssss I kid you not it was by far the BEST food I’ve ever tasted. I can NOT wait to go again! The portion sizes are pretty big and they definitely fill you up. The sauce they use is SOO BOMB – I’ve honestly never tasted ANYTHING like it – it’s so unique but it’s so good! Honestly, all of the food was literally cooked to perfection. 


close up of my chicken steak meal!

Price: We went to eat at lunchtime so they had a “lunchtime menu”, where you get their food for almost half off (bargain!) – although I’d definitely pay the full price too because it’s not even expensive. All together, ALL 3 meals came up to around £20! :O You definitely get WAYY more than you pay for – it’s so worth it!


Jungle Braai also have a website so make sure you guys check it out!  Click on me to launch website!

That’s all for now guys ; hope you enjoyed reading and make sure to like/comment/follow! ❤


Hii everybodyyyy! I am back with another review for you guysss. Some of you may remember I did a review on the Loreal Detox Clay Mask (if you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out!) I LOVED it so muchh I thought I would give the Glow one a try!


It claims to brighten and exfloiate your skin and I kid you not, it is absolutely AMAZING at doing just that! You just leave it on for 5_10 minutes and it works like absolute magic – it’s improved my skin sooo much.


 I have used so much of it already (it lasts ages tho) but as you can hopefully tell from the pic, it has little exfoliating bits/beads (i dont know what to call it) so it does have quite a rough texture when you put it onto your skin however it works SO well and gives you an INSTANT glow!!

You can purchase this from Boots or Superdrug for £6! It’s honestly worth sooo much more than the money you pay and I promise you, you will LOVE it!!

Thanks for reading≤3 be sure to like, comment and follow 🙂

Mini Collective Haul | Nike, JD, New Look, H&M

Hi guysss! I feel like I have not done a haul in a little while, but I have bought a few things lately and thought I’d upload a little collective haul (as you can tell from the title.)

So let’s begin..

The first thing I boought are the famous nike air max 90’s in black. I LOVE these trainers and they’re honestly such a staple. I feel like I can wear them with literally anything! (I saved money by getting them in the Junior section at JD for £65 – Who else does this 😉 ???)


The next thing I bought were these blue high waisted ankle jeans from H&M. I’ve actually NEVER bought jeans from H&M but I am surprised at how GOOD they fit me! I’m definitely going to be buying a few more pairs from there in the future! I can’t remember how much they cost but I think they were around £25 which is really good for jeans!JEAjeannjeaa

The final thing I brought was a cropped grey hoodie from new look. I really LOVE cropped jumpers/sweaters so I just could not resist when I saw that it was on SALE for £7 – absolute bargainnn!


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Hey guys! I went into Primark the other day to pick up a few things I needed and I have got to say, Primark are deffo getting better and better! They had so many nice things, I was shocked, as it’s quite rare I find things I like in Primark.  Sooo let’s just get into the haul..

The first thing I picked up was this STUNNING choker:


I for one do not wear chokers, but when I saw this I just could NOT resist! It has little diamonds and it’s so glam and shiny, how could i say no for only £2.50?! It looks as though it cost WAYYY more! And unlike most chokers, it does not fit tight on your neck, it drops down a little on your neck, so it looks super classy! I LOVE it so much, I received so many compliments on it when I first wore it and everyone was shocked it was from primark haha. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop wear it!
The next thing I picked up is this twin pack of dainty bracelets:


So as you guys can see, there’s an evil eye bracelet and a hamsa hand one. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on some and when I saw these in primark for £2 I was like YESSSSSS! I love them so much, they’re super cute but they are quite big which is unfortunate, however I’ve managed to make them smaller 😀
The next thing I bought was this beautiful pink matte nail varnish:


I always buy nail varnishes from primark because they’re super cheap and look so goood, they don’t take AGES to dry either and I LOVE that the applicator is a little thicker and covers more of the nail, which speeds up the applying process. 
The next things I bought were these plain vest tops because I just really needed a plain black and white cami top to wear under super see through blouses!

These cost me £1.80 each and they literally have them in every single colour in primark!
I also brought this high neck long sleeved top:


I am aware it looks grey in the pic, but in real life it is actually more of a teal colour. This was half price and cost me £2 so I was like why notttt?!
The FINAL thing I brought was this super pretty pink sheer bralette that I have seen ALL OVER instagram:



That’s all for now guysss! Thank you so much for reading

Random Makeup & Skincare Haul

Heyyy, I feel like I haven’t done a blog post for the longest time, I’ve been SO busy with school work/finals (I still am but I’m currently being lazy AF so I’m here with a blog post).

This isn’t an organised/huge haul. I’ve made some random purchases this month & thought I’d collate it into one haul. So enough with that, let’s get started..

I bought this ‘rose romance’ brush set by BH cosmetics from beautybay for £25! It comes with 12 brushes and they’re soooo soft (& cruelty free!). They have a super pretty rose-gold handle and they come with a  pink case with rose-gold details. I honestly love the case SO much! I have used a few & washed them and haven’t noticed any shedding as of yet, so I’m super pleased!


(I’m sorry for the flash) BUT oh my gosh, I am OBSESSED with the Baylis & Harding bath set. It was ONLY £10 from TESCO ( I knoww!) I’m pretty sure you can buy it online from a few places though including ebay/amazon. This set comes with bath crystals, soap, rose petals, bath milk, body wash, hand & body lotion & bath creme! I feel like a literal princess sitting in the bathtub with my bath milk and rose petals! The products smell SO good, I’ll definitely be repurchasing just so I can have a nice, new, unopened set. It makes the perfect gift.

Next thing I bought was this lip scrub from Holland & Barrett. This was only around £2-3 and it is hands down one of the best lip scrubs I’ve tried ( I prefer it over my lush one!)

It makes your lips feel and look super smooth and hydrated all day & the best thing is that it’s EDIBLE! (It actually tastes really good).


So I bought a £5 foundation and I LOVE it! I read so many good things about “The Ordinary” serum foundation & you guysss this is the shit. It’s extremely lightweight and so easy to blend. It’s not a full coverage at all, it looks like your skin but better because it’s still somewhat airbrushed (but don’t expect it to cover every little bump/mark). It is  definitely for those days you want a more natural look.


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Recent Purchases 

Hey girlies! I bought a few beauty items a couple of weeks ago and have been using them ever since so I thought I’m in a good position to review for you girlies! Let’s get straight on to it!

Garnier Skin Active Soothing Botanical Water 
This is like my favourite thing ever! I usually apply this with a cotton pad on my face everyday. It leaves my skin feeling oh so fresh and clean. It’s not greasy at all and sinks into the skin quickly. I have dry skin but this keeps my skin feeling and looking hydrated all day. I’ve realised after continuous use with this, my dryness has decreased and my skin feels much softer. It’s also got a pleasant smell to it. I cannot and will not leave my house without applying this to my face haha! 

Wilko Kiss Lip Scrub
This smells glorious! This lip scrub is very coarse so need to make sure you rub gently. Also, I wish it would moisturise my lips more. However, that being said it does the job. For a bargain price of a quid, you really cannot go wrong! Also, it doesn’t taste too bad, just sweet like sugar haha! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up! ❤

Abaya Haul

Aswad Alraas Abaya-£17.99

Rose Paris Oud-£4.00

Hey girlies, it’s been ages since I’ve done a blogpost for you all. I’m back with another one, I’ll jump straight into it!

So, I have previously ordered from Thobaya before and had purchased the Aswad Alraas Open Buttoned Front Abaya and was highly impressed with it. However, me being me I burnt it while ironing, well done me! 

Anyways, I decided to purchase another one. I don’t know about you girlies but I always struggle to find plain black open abayas with buttons at a reasonable price. However, to my surprise, I came across the Thobaya website. I can honestly say every single item on their website is so reasonably priced and the abaya I have purchased is of high quality. Not to mention so comfy and is loose fitting which is what an abaya is meant to be. I cannot fault it! 

To my surprise, I had received a free oud perfume which I was so excited and grateful for as I am obsessed with oud! I’m going to be honest, I’m not usually into flowery scents especially rosy ones as I tend to find them really strong and overbearing. However, this totally shocked me, it’s of a really beautiful sweet smell and smells absolutely gorgeous. It’s my new favourite scent. For £4.00, it’s an absolute bargain, I can’t stop sniffing it, I’m obsessed with it to say the least haha!

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend you check this website out (this is not sponsored in any way, just a truthful real honest customer review!)

Anyways, I hope you girlies enjoyed this post, if you did please give it a big thumbs up! Until next time, take care! ❤

My Favourite YouTube At Home Workouts Updated!

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying the sunny weather! I’m back with another blogpost. Recently, it has been very hot in London, I must say I struggle to find the motivation to workout in this heat. However, I have been doing simple, easy, quick and effective workouts this summer. I thought I’d share with you guys my quick daily workout routine. 
I struggle to loose weight on my face no matter how much I workout (probably due to my stubborn face fat haha!) so I was really intrigued when I came across this face exercises YouTube video. I have only been doing this workout for a limited amount of time and definitely have noticed that my cheeks are not as chubby as they were before doing these face exercises which I am really pleased with as my face feels and looks healthier. Although, I’m not sure it’s made any difference to my chin (that’s probably due to the fact that I only started doing this exercise not long ago), but I’m definitely going to be continuing to be doing so. I never thought you could work your face muscles this hard but turns out you can haha! You learn something new everyday!

I absolutely love this quick workout, I feel like it instantly wakes me up and gets my blood flowing. I do this to warm up.–HZDG2ew

As surprising as this sounds, doing this regularly actually works. I cannot emphasise how much I love this workout, it’s so easy, quick, fun and very effective. Also, its very convenient when you want to workout quietly at home. It requires no equipment and is to be done standing up which is amazing! This workout is just great!

As I don’t have time to work all my muscles in a day, I find this to be a good substitute. This instantly makes me feel so refreshed! It’s perfect for them days where you cannot be bothered to workout and also them days when you just feel exhausted. I do these stretches to cool down. Can you tell I’m obsessed with Bowflex workouts?! They’re not time consuming and are perfect for beginners but don’t be fooled, the workouts are still highly effective!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did please give it a thumbs up! Until next time, take care! ❤

Random Haul

Hey girlies! So I’m ready with another blogpost. A couple of weeks ago, I felt like going on a random shopping spree and so I did. I picked up a couple of things which I’d like to share with you guys. Enjoy!

So the first thing I picked up was this light pink short hooded top from H&M which was £12.99. I have been looking for a beautiful coloured pink hoodie without a zip for the longest time ever! So when I saw this, I had to instantly grab it haha. Anyways, I didn’t realise it’s a short hoodie until I got home (I was in a rush, can you tell?!) However, that’s not a problem as when I wear it, I can easily wear a black top underneath. I can honestly say, it’s one of the most comfortable hoodie I own and it’s just a cute piece, you just can’t go wrong with this! I wish I got a bigger size as I love my clothing to be very oversized however that being said, it is true to size.  

The next thing I got was this MUA lipstick in the shade 14 bare from Superdrug at the bargain price of £1.00. I’m going to be honest, I do not like the shade, it does not suit me at all, it’s way too light for me. It looked more pinky and a shade I would like when I looked at the shade at the bottom. Due to there being no tester in this shade, I thought there’s no harm in buying it as it’s cheap. However, I’m not too disappointed as I use this with my other dark lipsticks which I want to lighten. This lipstick has a slight glossiness to it which makes it really moisturising and glides on nicely. For £1.00, I can’t fault it too much, it’s worth the price and has a decent amount of product. 

Thank you guys for reading this post. If you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up! ❤